The department

Our research activities cover wide areas of oenological chemistry, microbiology and technology. In addition to competing public-funded research programs, R & D activities under innovation contracts play a significant role in ensuring close links with the everyday practice of the winery and the domestic and foreign wineries

Main research directions

development of white wine making technologies

Development of Red and Rosé Processing Techniques

Study of physiologically active compounds of wine, in particular biogenic amines and polyphenols.

Controlling biological malware degradation

Selection, development and evaluation of wine starter cultures

Microbiology, Chemistry and Technology of Tokaj Wine Making

Biological boring with membrane yeast

Major R & D programs for companies


Technological possibilities of wine stabilization with special regard to membrane technique

Investigating the effect of mechanical harvesting on wine quality to develop optimal wine making technology.

Creation of extracorporeal technology for the production of new types of white wines

Discovering Innovative Technology and Packaging Opportunities to Ensure the Design and Quality of Wines and Other Italian Products

Printable the production, stability and handling technology of Tokaj wines and wine specialties

Development of winemaking technologies

Optimizing the natural apple juice technology

Investigating the stability of wine and researching and developing factors affecting fertility, optimizing storage conditions to increase the shelf-life of wines

Optimizing the production, stability and handling technology of Tokaji wine specialties

Developing new technology for making fragrant white wines