The Szent István University, Department of Oenology is the first and currently the only accredited university department in Hungary specializing in the higher education and research of the scientific bases and technology of the oenology.

The department was under the leadership of Géza Requinyi n 1943, the then Horticulturist and Vineyard College was founded, so it became one of the largest Horticultural Universities and then the Horticultural and Food University's most prominent traditions. The leadership of the department after Professor Richin after dr. István Soós, dr. László Rakcsányi, dr. Gyula Kádár, dr. Eperjesi Imre, dr. The name of Miklós Kállay is the name of professors. The current head of the department, Diána Nyitrainé dr. Sárdy is serving since 2015.